Dragoncon 2023

Friday 9/1/2023
4:00:00 PM 204-207 Hilton The Current AI Apocalypse!! Steve, Jay, Bob
5:30:00 PM 204-207 Hilton Vaccine Madness! Steve
7:00:00 PM 204-207 Hilton Superstition and Cursed Artifacts Steve
8:30:00 PM 209-211 Hilton Let’s Build a Generation Ship! Bob
Saturday 9/2/2023
2:30:00 PM 204-207 Hilton UFO… UAP… What’s Going On? Steve
4:00:00 PM 204-207 Hilton Where Gaming and Critical Thought Collide Steve, Jay, Bob
10:00 PM 204-207 Hilton Wait, Wait, Don’t Fool Me! Jay
Sunday 9/3/2023
1:00:00 PM Grand East Hilton Skeptics Guide to the Universe – LIVE! Steve, Jay, Bob, Evan
2:30:00 PM 204-207 Hilton Academics and Skepticism Steve
4:00 PM The American Hotel Atlanta Downtown SGU Private Show Steve, Jay, Bob, Evan
7:00 PM 204-207 Hilton Writing, Creativity, and Skepticism Steve
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