Episode #114

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    Interview with Richard Saunders

    • Richard is a prominent Australian skeptic who runs the Mystery Investigatorswww.mysteryinvestigators.com/

    Smart Sex

    • Let me begin by saying I love the podcast, in fact it’s the only podcast I download and listen to every week. My girlfriend and I watched the new television show Manswers on the Spike network. This show claims to, ‘answer the most important questions to guys.’ www.ifilm.com/video/2896400 The featured question was whether party girls, athletic girls or smart girls are better in bed. Unfortunately I can’t find anything along the lines of citation so I can’t confirm if what they claimed is true, however there was a doctor discussing a study. In this study it was determined party girls generally think all they have to do is show up for sex and their job is done, athletic generally view sex as a recreational and competitive activity, and smart girls are generally more comfortable with their sexuality and ultimately better in bed. I am sorry to ask you to open this veritable Pandora’s Box of more worship and attempted wooing of the lovely and intelligent Rebecca Watson, but I was wondering if you had any knowledge of this or other studies done like this. Plus I thought it was something all of you, especially Rebecca, would enjoy hearing and it gives me hope for the future when a network boasting it’s, ‘The First Network for Men,’ comes right out and tells men intelligent women are more desirable.Bruce Botelho Jr.RI, U.S.A.
    • Hello Skeptical teamLove the show and your ‘cut to the quick’ approach to questions.I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the practice of taking colloidal minerals as a dietary suppliment with its, reportedly, extensive health benefits (reference the site below for background information).www.tjclark.com.au/library.htmI also confess that I have been a regular consumer of these minerals so at worst if you burst my bubble you will also save me some money.RegardsIan Byrne Sydney AustraliaHowdy. Firstly let me say that you guys rock. I have listened to all your pod casts now and have linked to a lot of other great ones through your recommendations. CHEERS!I have recently voiced my concerns about a supplement leaflet being distributed around my city to local government and the dept. of medicine here in NZ and I’m yet to hear back… I’d also like your guys thoughts on this quackery. The leaflet is advertising a ‘natural’ supplement called Colloidal Silver. The statements on the leaflet are advertising the healing properties as being Silver dispersed in liquid and that because of modern farming practices normal levels of this element in the soil are being depleted i.e. vegetables and fruits are lacking in this element… and so (the information says) we need to boost our levels by taking this supplement.The leaflet claims that Colloidal Silver will heal over 70 different afflictions including Bladder infections, Diabetes, Meningitis, Pneumonia and Cancer! (Skin and Leukemia). If this is true I would be thrilled (and amazed!) that finally someone has found a cure for cancer AND all these other causes of human suffering in one simple substance. I’ve done a small amount of research myself on this product and found that it has been shown during tests to have no efficacy at all and that Long-term use of silver preparations can lead to a condition called argyria. (Stephen Barrett, M.D.) www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/PhonyAds/silverad.html www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colloidal_silver I am very concerned that people who are looking for help will take this information as fact and waste money on this product or cause harm to them selves.Thanks again!.. Warren MahyNew Zealand

    Science or Fiction

    • Item #1 Science

      New study shows that women with anorexia nervosa actually experience the taste of food differently than normal controls.

    • Item #2 Science

      A computer model demonstrates how tolls can actually decrease travel time for drivers.

    • Item #3 Fiction

      Researchers have developed a device that uses stem cells to identify terrorists in crowded public locations, such as airports.

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