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  • Atlantic Croaker Fish

Interview with Phil Plait

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Question # 1 – Polonium Halos

  • As a former creationist, one of the most persuasive arguments that I remember is that of polonium halos in granite. Dr. Robert Gentry claims to have discovered proof of an instantaneous creation of earth in the form of the halos of radioactive polonium in undisturbed granite. He challenges mainstream science to reproduce such an artifact in the laboratory or explain how such a thing could happen naturally. What do you think about this guy, and are his claims at all weighty? Thanks for the great show, guys. I regularly listen to about ten podcasts, and I’ve got to say that yours is the one I most eagerly wait for every week. P.S. I recently listened to your 2008 year-in-review episode again and had an idea. I’ve purchased all of the bonus content of the show and loved it, and I would unhesitatingly pay twice as much for an uncensored clip of the show in which Jay’s cat barfed on his keyboard. What do you say, Skeptics? Please? Trinity Melvin Valparaiso, Florida

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