Episode #230

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Who's That Noisy

  • Answer to last week – the Vela Pulsar

Question # 1 – Holodeck Food

  • Hi rogues, me here. In episode 107 Jay asked (paraphrase) ‘have you ever thought ‘what if you could eat whatever you wanted in any quantity consequence free”. I of course have thought about that- it occurred to me that one could do this in the Star Trek holodeck. Walk in gorge yourself on icecream and walk out empty. After a little more thought, I began to wonder- what would happen if you lived inside the holodeck for an extended time? When you walked out of there after living off ‘artificial’ stuff, would large sections of your body be composed entirely of holodeck stuff and dissapear? Maybe that’s a dumb question. Have fun, continue excellent work. JamesBoggs

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