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Question #1 – Correactology

  • Lately there has been a lot of discussion in my office about ‘Correactology’. This new ‘effective and non-invasive approach to alternative health care. The technique begins with individualized patient assessment for the purpose of therapeutic treatment. Full body corrections are accomplished without the use of force, drugs, surgery or instrumentation.’ Apparently, my co-workers visit this person’s office and he claps and snaps his fingers over them and they leave feeling cured. Of course they have to continue visiting him weekly. This seems to be a new form of medical hocus pocus and it alarms me greatly. Take a look at the website for the list of ailments ‘treated’ http://www.esodynamics.com/centers/ailments.html I’ve had co-workers explain that ‘people they know have cancelled surgery because this was so effective’!!! What is this woo? How can it be stopped?? Can you investigate this bizarre practice? I just had to get this off my chest before I scream at a colleague and lose my job. Oh and I work as a HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER – I am afraid for the next generation. If my employer hadn’t blocked Science Based Medicine, maybe my co-workers wouldn’t be so moronic. Also, Please don’t reveal my name (if for some reason you might want to), since I would like to continue working as a high school teacher. Keep up the good fight! Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada
  • Hello, First off I would like to say that I really enjoyed this week’s podcast. The security expert was great, and I enjoyed the new twist with the format and guest speaker. With that said, I do have one problem with something Dr. Novella said. It was during the discussion on what you would do if you have no morals. When the question was asked by Richard Saunders about a skeptic who started a cult, Steve mentioned ‘Ann’ Rand. I believe he meant Ayn Rand. That is not the problem though, the problem is that I do not think one can reasonable say Ayn Rand was a cult leader. I am sure this issue has probably lead to a number of emails. I would like to make a few points. First of all, based on those 20 key feature of a cult you’ve mentioned before, her philosophy does not qualify. Second, I would like to ask you do not judge her by what other people say. It is the same type of thing as people discounting Richard Dawkins as shrill and mean, instead of looking at what he says. Lastly, I’d like to point out just as you shouldn’t judge skepticism by what others say about some specific skepticism, do not judge her philosophy without listening to what she says. I do not count myself as an objectivist, but she certainly has a fascinating philosophy. To discredit it as simply a cult is horrible unfair. Of course, if you can demonstrate how she(not other’s claiming to act in her name or new atlas societies etc.) formed her philosophy into a cult I will look at the evidence. Please if you agree with me that she is not a cult leader, after watching her in some interviews(a number on youtube) or reading her writings, please make a correction. I am not asking you to accept her philosophy, just correct what I believe is a gross mischaracterization of her and her life’s work. Thank you. As always, I will keep listening and loving the show. I once did a tally of the number of days I’ve spent listening to the sgu and it was shocking. I’ve gone through every episode at least 3 or 4 times. For one year my ipod wouldn’t play songs but only podcasts and audiobooks. Daniel Nowak Flushing, NY

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