Episode #280

News Items

    Question #1 – Frozen Stiff

    • While perusing the articles on Cracked.com I came across this article. It sounds like a complete load of bull to me. What do you make of it? http://www.cracked.com/article_18806_7-creepy-urban-legends-that-happen-to-be-true-part-4_p2.html or the New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/1981/01/03/us/dakota-teen-ager-recovers-after-being-frozen-stiff.html Thanks, and keep up the excellent work. Michael Fincher Ontario Canada
    • I’m sure this bit of news will interest you guys – not because it offers any immediate and practical benefits (those are probably years away at best) but because of how it shows we can never ever predict where new and fundamental insights will come from: Cockroach brains may aid in fighting MRSA http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-11182437 Jurij Dreo Slovenia
    • Subject: Monty Hall. . . again Message: Hey guys, I love the show. You’ve discussed the Monty Hall problem in depth on the show before, now I would like to hear your thoughts on the show Deal or No Deal. What’s the best strategy for this game, and how does the show possibly try to trick you with its statistics? James Wayne Orlando, FL

    Science or Fiction

    • Item #1 Science

      Although Mainstream professional television was launched in Australia in 1956, it was not until 1975 that Australian TV networks switched from broadcasting in B/W to colour. http://www.pumpkinnook.com/giants/giantpumpkins.htm

    • Item #2 Science

      The Sydney Funnel-web Spider has been responsible for more deaths in Australia in the past 100 years than deaths from Hammerhead sharks attacks world wide in the same time. http://tinyurl.com/sciorfic01

    • Item #3 Fiction

      When European explorers first saw strange hopping animals they asked an aborigine what they were called. He replied ‘kang-ooroo’ meaning ‘I don’t understand’ your question. The explorers thought this was the animal’s name and hence we now call them kangaroo. http://directmag.com/mag/marketing_candy_lovers/

    Skeptical Quote of the Week.