Episode #289

News Items

  • Cold Fusion Again
  • Cochrane Reviews Statins
  • Astrologers Angered
  • More on Science Education
          • Question #1 – Alien DNA

              • Hey guys, I love the show. I came across this video from a friend who is convinced that ‘they are here’ Please help me convince him that he is out of his mind. Alien Abduction Sexual Assault Provided Biological Evidence Of Extraterrestrials http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xfvjc5_my-mum-talks-to-aliens-3-3_tech#from=embed Greg Brewer Midland Ontario Canada

            Science or Fiction

            • Item #1 Science

              A recently published analysis concludes that 100% of the world’s energy needs can be met with renewable sources (wind, solar, and water) using existing technology within 20-40 years. http://yubanet.com/scitech/The-world-can-be-powered-by-alternative-energy-using-today-s-technology-in-20-40-years.php

            • Item #2 Science

              Paleontologists have uncovered the first and only known single-fingered dinosaur. http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-01-single-fingered-dinosaur.html

            • Item #3 Fiction

              A new study finds that, contrary to popular belief, staring at the horizon on a moving boat worsens motion sickness. http://www.psychologicalscience.org/index.php/news/releases/centuries-of-sailors-werent-wrong-looking-at-the-horizon-stabilizes-posture.html