Episode #420

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Who's That Noisy

  • Puzzle for last week: You are a detective, with a specialty in deciphering coded messages. During an investigation, you stumble upon a piece of paper which reads: 0.7734, 57718 37818 51 3718. 173 Being the world-class detective you are, you have immediately decoded the message. So … what is the message?

Science or Fiction

Skeptical Quote of the Week.

‘Why should anyone bother to study at least a little logic? To sharpen the mind in a world saturated by streams of propaganda and advertising. To know when a pitchman is conning you, when some ‘expert’ or pundit is propounding a dubious doctrine, when someone is making an apocryphal claim about miracles or divinity or the afterlife. To chasten one’s own thinking, to develop an appreciation for tenable arguments and a respect for good reasoning. To become more adept at solving problems, whether they’re encountered in business, science, politics, or the law.’ Philosophical Society (www.philosophicalsociety.com/logic.htm) Sent in by Nick Tiller