Episode #61

News Items

    Interview with Phil Plait

    • The Bad Astronomer joins us to discuss the new naming of UB313(Xena) as Eris, the whole planet definition hubbub, and other astronomical news.Article about Eris and its moon Dysnomia: http://www.gps.caltech.edu/~mbrown/planetlila/

    OBE's and Lucid Dreaming

    • Hi guys.Love the show.I have a question concerning out of body experiences. I have had two experiences with OBE’s, one was when I was seriously ill with malaria, yes I was having really disturbing hallucinations, but at one point during the illness I had a very tranquil and lucid episode. When I opened my eyes the ceiling was about half a meter from my face, and when I turned around I saw myself lying in the bed beneath me. Obviously this gave me a fright and caused me to go back into my now uncontrollably shivering body. The second case was when while sleeping I sat up in bed and turned around to still see my body there sleeping.Now I don’t believe in a soul or any supernatural occurences, but I was wondering what natural explanation could there be. Possibly lucid dreaming? or am I just nuts? (that another story involving mercury poisoning)Thanks again for the best podcast on the net.Oh before I forget monkey’s rule!! and Rebecca gets another marriage proposal.ThanksHamish Law South Africa
    • So I’ve been browsing the web and i’ve found a theory that I haven’t heard before, that israel (or the jews) did the world trade center (9/11). They offer as evidence that not a single jew died in the attack, and a cubic time theory, have you heard this one? And what do you think about it?Gary AdairCaliforniaCubic time theory: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_Cube
    • Thought this might make an interesting topic for you:environment.guardian.co.uk/climatechange/story/0,,1875762,00.htmlDave Machin

    Science or Fiction

    • Item #1 Fiction

      The Cassini probe to Saturn has discovered a new ring around Saturn, but more significantly this new ring is rotating in the opposite direction of Saturn’s rotation.

    • Item #2 Science

      Canadian study shows that women who have breast

    • Item #3 Science

      In a newly published survey, 10% of men who describe themselves as ‘straight’ also reported having sex with a man within the last year.

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