Episode #616

News Items

  • Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Historical Jesus
  • Hobbit Update
              • Science or Fiction

                • Item #1 Science

                  Socrates left behind no writings. We know of him only from the accounts of others. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socrates

                • Item #2 Fiction

                  The ancient Greeks greatly revered large penis size, which they believed was a source of strength and courage. http://www.howtotalkaboutarthistory.com/reader-questions/why-do-all-old-statues-have-such-small-penises/

                • Item #3 Science

                  There were proctologists in ancient Egypt who were called, neru phuyt, which literally translates to ‘shepherd of the anus’. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Egyptian_medicine

                Skeptical Quote of the Week

                ‘The power to tell real from fake doesn’t come from being a world expert or mistrusting every single thing you see. It comes from an honest willingness to change your opinions and beliefs based on new facts. So, learn to enjoy being wrong. The world might start making more sense, you won’t feel quite as out of step with the rest of humanity, your words won’t cause needless pain to people who suffered real tragedies, and the words of others won’t sway you into believing myths over truth.’ - Captain Disillusion