Episode #643

News Items

    Science or Fiction

    • Item #1 Fiction

      During World War II a Nazi plan to blow up the Hoover dam was narrowly thwarted by an observant fisherman who reported the agents’ suspicious activity.

    • Item #2 Science

      Las Vegas serves 60 thousand pounds of shrimp every day, more than the rest of the United States combined.

    • Item #3 Science

      In the 1950s atomic testing was conducted just 65 miles North of Las Vegas and was clearly visible from the casinos and promoted as a tourist attraction.

    Skeptical Quote of the Week.

    ‘I believe that a person should take an affirmative outlook. There are always problems in life, old and new, uncertainties, and unexpected contingencies. The optimal way to deal with this is not to give up in despair, but to move ahead using the best intelligence and resources that we have to overcome adversity.’ - Paul Kurtz