Episode #732

News Items

    Science or Fiction

    • Item #1 Science

      Scientists recently published a thorough descriptions of Auroraceratops, a close relative of triceratops that walked on two legs.

    • Item #2 Science

      Scientists discover that fruit flies experience chronic pain, which lasts after an injury has healed.

    • Item #3 Fiction

      A new study finds that REM sleep associated with dreaming can magnify limbic activity associated with fear and anxiety.

    Skeptical Quote of the Week.

    ‘The fascination of any search after truth lies, not in the attainment, which at best is found to be very relative, but in the pursuit, where all the powers of the mind and character are brought into play and are absorbed by the task. One feels oneself in contact with something that is infinite and one finds joy that is beyond expression in sounding the abyss of science and the secrets of the infinite mind.’ - Florence Bascom