Episode #754

News Items

        Science or Fiction

        • Item #1 Science

          A scoop of light roast coffee benas has more caffeine thatn a scoop of dark roast beans.

        • Item #2 Science

          Coffee with cream will cool more slowly than without.

        • Item #3 Fiction

          Coffee is the most traded commodity worldwide.

        Skeptical Quote of the Week.

        “NCCAM officials have spent $374 000 to find that inhaling lemon and lavender scents does not promote wound healing; $750 000 to find that prayer does not cure AIDS or hasten recovery from breast-reconstruction surgery; $390 000 to find that ancient Indian remedies do not control type 2 diabetes; $700 000 to find that magnets do not treat arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or migraine headaches; and $406 000 to find that coffee enemas do not cure pancreatic cancer”. – Paul Offitt, and this quote was submitted back in 2012 by SGU listener Kevin Mack of Melbourne.