Episode #758

News Items

  • Goop on Netflix
  • Oldest Material on Earth
  • UFOs and National Security
  • Goldilocks Stars
      • Interview with Joe Carvalko

          • http://carvalko.com/bio/

        Question #1: England and Wales

          • UK Geography

        Science or Fiction

        • Item #1 Science

          Virtually all of South America is east of Florida. http://www.somethinggeography.com/2016/10/where-is-south-america.html

        • Item #2 Science

          The entire UK is north of the northern most point in the continental US. https://brilliantmaps.com/cities-transposed-latitude/

        • Item #3 Fiction

          Spain is larger than Alaska. https://thetruesize.com

        Skeptical Quote of the Week

        ‘What is a master but a master student? And if that’s true, then there’s a responsibility on you to keep getting better and to explore avenues of your profession.’ Neil Peart