Episode #766

News Items

  • Handwashing
  • CAM for Coronavirus
  • Lift Part 2
              • Science or Fiction

                • Item #1 Fiction

                  Astronomers have discovered a new type of pulsar that only pulsates on one side. https://news.psu.edu/story/611308/2020/03/09/research/new-type-pulsating-star-discovered

                • Item #2 Fiction

                  The red giant, Betelgeuse, continues an unprecedented dimming, which recent observations suggest is due to a decrease in intrinsic brightness. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/03/200306122454.htm

                • Item #3 Science

                  Using the ESO Telescope, astronomers have detected an exoplanet where it rains iron. https://www.enn.com/articles/62592-eso-telescope-observes-exoplanet-where-it-rains-iron

                Skeptical Quote of the Week

                ‘It’s not important what famous people say. We have to speak about things in the right manner. Not people with no knowledge, like me, talking about something like politics or Coronovirus. My opinion really is not important.’ – Liverpool Football Club manager Jürgen Klopp