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  • Answer to last week: Sand

Question #1: Dinosaur Question

  • Dinosaur question from a curious 3yr old! Message: Hi, Firstly: thank you for the most awesomest podcast! Every Monday I get up extra early (~3:00) in the morning so that I can listen to the new episodes while getting ready for work! Best morning of the week! =D Now for the question: My son, Måns, who just turned 3, is a huge dinosaur geek and knows species not even known to me (and I try to keep up and learn the names). Anyhow, he has lots of dino books that we read together almost every night. I usually asks him to tell me what kind of dinosaur this and that is. The other night I asked him to tell me if the different dinosaurs were grass- or meat eaters (which he of course knew and happily told me). I went on to ask him HOW he knew (or thought) what they were eating. His answer was that they have pointy teeth (quite “easy” conclusion) but also that the meat eaters walk on two legs! I got a bit dumbstruck when I began thinking of it and couldn’t come up with a single meat loving tetrapod, except perhaps Dimetrodon (which his books taught me are, in fact, NOT ‘real’ dinosaurs). So, instead of consulting Google, I figured I could ask you guys first, and told my son that I “know of some experts that I will ask!” 😁 Have a nice day and thanks again for the weakly entertainment! Best regards, Emma Sweden

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Skeptical Quote of the Week.

“The earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.” - Pope John Paul II, 1988