Episode #857

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Who's That Noisy

  • Answer to last week: Llama

Question #1: Blaming Bad Parenting

  • Hi all. I am pleased that you all are traveling again and it sounds like your audience continues to grow which is awesome. My 8 YO has been struggling this year. I have been stopping myself from writing to you for parenting advice specific to me but I wanted to share the thought holes I’ve been going down. 2 main points: I’m not sure I’m able to give an objective assessment of my own child for human emotional reasons. It’s also been tough to find available specialists to see him for some kind of CBT which tells me that he is not the only kid struggling. Second, I can’t seem to come up to a conclusion to what kind of intervention will be most helpful and what the state of understanding is for childhood psychology. “Did we screw this kid up already?” Is the urgent question and I’m probably just seeking reassurance. Looking forward to year end as I’ve been saving a pen-dantic comment about one of Steve’s predictions for 2021. Also, Evan: I’ve been racking my brain all week as to where we’re those aliens from futurama from? I looked it up Friday. Thanks Y’all. Still working on my tourism reel for reasons to come to Minneapolis. Nick

Science or Fiction

Skeptical Quote of the Week.

‘We are all delusional to some extent. Human brains were not selected to perceive reality, they were selected to Reproduce.’ - Sospendi il giudizio, ma riconosci la forza di gravità