Episode #859

News Items

    Science or Fiction

    • Item #1 Science

      Tommyknockers are short green men in miner’s clothing thought responsible for making knocking noises to alert miners of impending cave-ins, or perhaps to cause them. https://www.legendsofamerica.com/gh-tommyknockers/

    • Item #2 Science

      The Slide-Rock Bolter is a lumberjack legend of a monstrous whale that lives high in the mountains of Colorado, believed to slide down steep mountain sides, gulping up unsuspecting tourists along the way. https://cryptidz.fandom.com/wiki/Slide-Rock_Bolter

    • Item #3 Fiction

      The Labopa are believed to be living rock fairies that feast on small animals, pets, and even children, and are thought to have been inspired by misidentified local petroglyphs. https://cryptidz.fandom.com/wiki/Achiyalabopa

    Skeptical Quote of the Week.

    “Science has never been defined by infallibility or superhuman perfection. It has always been about healthy skepticism, about putting every hypothesis to the test.” ― Ben Orlin, author of Math with Bad Drawings