Episode #929

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Who's That Noisy

  • Answer to last week: Sage Grouse

Question #1: P-Values

  • When you all where talking about the full moon and suicide study last week kara said that “p-values as we know are pretty mean goes as they tell us a little bit more about the analysis than the actual (pause). That’s why effect sizes matter”. Could you please elaborate on this and the sentence kara stop herself from finishing accidentally? How are p values better for understanding the analysis and what are then effect sizes better for? This seems like a really important statistical concept to grasp for us skeptics so I wanted to ask this.

Science or Fiction

Skeptical Quote of the Week.

‘It would be useful if the concept of the umwelt were embedded in the public lexicon. It neatly captures that idea of limited knowledge, of unobtainable information, of unimagined possibilities.’ David Eagleman, neuroscientist, Baylor College of Medicine