Episode #937

News Items

Who's That Noisy

  • Answer to last week: Fox

Question #1: Latitude and Daylight

  • Yes, we know
  • No.

Science or Fiction

  • Item #1 Fiction

    Often called the forgotten genocide, in the 1880s, the Ottoman Empire engaged in ethnic cleansing in the region of Astrakhan, killing over 1 million native Cossacks, and ultimately absorbing the territory.

  • Item #2 Science

    In 1919, in Boston’s North End, a large tank ruptured, spilling 2 million gallons of molasses, which raged through the streets at 35 miles per hour, killing 21 people and injuring 150.

  • Item #3 Science

    In 1862, some soldiers in the Battle of Shiloh noticed that their wounds glowed green-blue, and these wounds seemed to heal faster than non-glowing wounds. Recent investigations suggest the glow was due to bioluminescent bacteria seeded in the wounds by nematodes. https://www.medicaldiscoverynews.com/shows/630-glowingwounds.html

Skeptical Quote of the Week.

‘Science is the acceptance of what works and the rejection of what does not. That needs more courage than we might think.” — Jacob Bronowski